"Urban Life"
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1st Place "I Took My Lucky Break and
Broke it in Two"

Having owned a '57 Corvette since the early 1980's, I have always been fascinated with
placing a photo of my car into exotic or fantasy backgrounds. Using this technique for my
real estate postcards and seeing the reaction from the recipients, I decided to start a small
business to create works of art for other car enthusiasts. That's when Rat Rod Studios
came into existence. Rat Rod Studios exclusively features my automotive photographic

If you want a memorable car photo and want it to look a bit different from all the ordinary car
photos out there, you should definitely check out the artwork of Rat Rod Studios. Please
contact me if you have any questions.
2nd Place "Freie Strasse"
Art is an ever growing process where our skills change and evolve. It became my passion at
a very early age of two when I had started to draw and paint in painting books for children. I
had lessons in traditional art during my basic education and later I took private lessons in
different techniques. Digital Art and Photography are additional subjects of my interest. I let
my artwork say everything what I want to say without me physicaly being there to explain it.

My work is sold on markets in the USA, Europe and new in Australia.

Feel free to visit again as I will upload my work frequently. If you are interested for more
information, news and updates visit my official website and my page on MySpace
passionate painter of color & emotions. Contrarily, he's a self-taught, creative, courageous
and confident artist committed to dynamic and forceful portrait compositions displaying fiery
earth-tone colors. His style is Impressionism. His given name denotes creativity, courage &
confidence. To inspire himself more he cleverly changed the spelling of his nickname 'Fly'-
synonym: sharp to, 'Fli'- acronym: F.eel the L.ove & I.nspiration, infusing both terms which
he signs his paintings to symbolize his standards of positive attitude and superior
craftsmanship. To become more efficient at his work, he says his aim is to take his mixed
emotions to the canvas and force them to coexist by means of vibrant, infused cool and
warm colors creating a positive balance. More than technique or design, it is vibrant color
that makes his paintings step off the walls into the heart of the viewer, evoking positive
energy of emotions. Byron says, ' Color is another universal language that speaks to